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SpineCor Brace


The SpineCor System was designed for the treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis only (from 15º and above). Its efficacy for treating neuromuscular, neurological or other types of scoliosis is unknown and generally non Idiopathic Scoliosis is contraindicated.

SpineCor Components

The SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace is made up of two sections:

Non-Surgical Treatment


When we discovered our 12 year old daughter had scoliosis her curve was a small 8 degrees. Fast forward one year and she now had two curves, with the main curve increasing from 8 degrees to 27 degrees. The orthopedic surgeon advised us to do nothing until the curve progressed to 40 degrees. Do nothing! If her curve did progress, the hard Boston brace or invasive surgery was the offered “cure”. After spending hours searching the internet for solutions, we became quite despondent. It seemed so odd that there was no proactive treatment for scoliosis. Why not try to fix it now or at least try to prevent the curves from progressing? Then our eyes were opened. Proactive treatment was indeed available and had been for years. The SpineCor brace offered both the possibility of preventing the scoliosis curves from progressing and, if caught early enough, actually reducing the spinal curves.

It was our good fortune to meet Dr. David Gorrie. After fitting our daughter with the SpineCor brace, her mid- thoracic curve went from 10 degrees down to 2 degrees and her thoracolumbar curve went from 27 degrees to 3 degrees. Dr. Gorrie is so well-trained and experienced with the SpineCor brace. His experience was instrumental in making sure the brace fit my daughter correctly and was properly adjusted to accommodate her growth. Dr. Gorrie’s attention to detail, his obvious concern, and the kind, thoughtful manner he displayed to our daughter was above and beyond our expectations. We feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Gorrie!

I can remember biting my lip to keep from crying as I waited for my daughter to be x-rayed for scoliosis. How could this be? After all, we were just at the doctor for her annual sports physical. All I knew of scoliosis was a “curved spine”. What did this mean for the rest of her life? I was terrified!

After a positive scoliosis diagnosis, I did my best to educate myself. We were shown an example of a Boston brace, which the doctor recommended for my daughter’s treatment. There could not have been a bigger nightmare for a young teenage seemed gigantic and my daughter thought it was there for all the world to see. Suddenly things seemed a little brighter! I received a phone call from a teacher at school who had heard of my daughter's story. She too had scoliosis. She offered a very positive outlook and encouraged us to see the doctor that was treating her. She said he had something different to offer.

I will never forget the first time we met Dr. Gorrie. He brought us hope! The SpineCor brace was a far cry from the hard brace. It was virtually invisible under clothing! The first time my daughter put the brace on, there was a dramatic improvement! She had just made her high school varsity cheer team, and I was fearful that Dr. Gorrie would tell her not to participate in this type of activity. He actually encouraged her to continue her life the same as before.

Well, the SpineCor brace was a success! My daughter is entering her senior year of high school brace-free. Her curves went from 23 and 17 degrees down to 14 and 5 degrees. Our prayers were answered!